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Sample of our Contract
& Health Guarantee

This is just a basic sample, for a pet home contract. This contract is subject to changes and updates per individual basis.

We will have a different contract for our show homes. (please email for any show home questions)

Basic Pet Home Contract Example

Pet contract example.

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Types of Show Homes


A guardian home is when the breeder keeps all breeding rights to the dog, they pay for any show costs, health testing costs, and any other breeding costs. The Breeder also is the one responsible for showing the dog to their CKC and or UKC Championships. Breeder would have the sole right to what dogs they choose to breed them to.

The guardian home would be responsible for every day costs, like food, regular vet exams and vaccinations. The guardian home would be responsible for keeping the dog well brushed out and matt free. As well as keeping the dog healthy, safe, and doing some training. While the breeder would be responsible for the full grooming maintenance and costs.

The guardian home would have to be with in 1 hour of the breeder. And be willing to travel to the breeder (or meet up half way for pick up/drop off) for grooming and show days. Any costs for performance can be split or solely on the breeder. Depending is the show home may be interested in doing sports.


50-50 CO-OWN

This type of show home would mean the breeder and co-owner split responsibilities and costs 50-50. Food costs and regular vet exams and vaccinations would be solely on the co-owner. Anything else, like grooming supplies, emergency vet costs, show entry fees, health testing costs, breeding costs, litter costs etc, would be split 50-50. Any money from stud fees or selling puppies from the co owned dog would also be split 50-50 between breeder and co-owner. Decisions like what stud to use on a bitch, or vice versus, will have to be agreed by both parties. Dog could only be bred after a CKC or UKC CH, after all helath testing listed on the contract is done, and dog is 2 years or older.



This type of co-own would be for someone who is already more experienced in the show ring and with breeding. The breeder would mostly be a co-owner in name. The costs of food, any vet care, health testing, breeding costs, raising a litter, show fees etc would be all on the co-owner. The breeder would just be involved when it comes to approving a stud or bitch that may be bred to the dog. And co-owner would have to follow basic care rules and can only breed the dog after a CKC or UKC CH is achieved and fully health testing listed on contract is done, and the dog is 2 years or older.


This contract is just an example. Specific changes can be made for each individual show home, depending on what kid of show home you are and to each specific show home.

Click PDF to view.

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