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Hey There

A quick introduction to who I am. Located in South Western ON, Canada.

Future breeder of ethically bred standard poodles.

All About Me


My name is Amanda and I am the owner of Sereia Poodles. I have been a pet groomer since Oct 2013 and have been involved with poodles, both showing and sports, since 2018.

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. When I was 13 years old my family finally decided it was time to get our first dog, Niles, who was a cream toy poodle. He was the sweetest little guy, extremely intelligent and a perfect fit for our family. He was the one who made me fall in love with this amazing breed.

A few years later we got a chihuahua named Hope. She was a feisty little thing, with a lot of health issues. It was through Hope that I truly started to learn more about ethical breeders, health testing and more.

Once I opened my own grooming salon I wanted the opportunity to get a well bred standard poodle to do grooming competitions & dog shows. That's when Moana came into my life. She is one smart, but high energy girl. Unfortunately she had some health issues and I pulled her as a show dog. She was eventually spayed and became my performance/grooming dog. She has earned a good number of performance titles through out the years.

Finally, on Dec of 2020 I was able to try again with getting a prospect foundation show bitch. And that is how Paçoca, from Mazinblue Poodles & German Shepherds, came to be. I was able to fully owner handle/groom her and finish both her UKC & CKC championships.

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